Gold against Mindcontrol

Veröffentlicht am 30.01.2014

After long research and waiting I got a hint in Germany about a year ago, that gold protects against mind control. Gold emits destructive interference against scalar waves disturbing the resonance between the chip/DNA in a targeted individual and the beamer in the hands of a criminal secret agent or doctor.

Real TI’s don’t have money, so they can’t afford gold. That’s why we found out that homeopathic gold (aurum metallicum) helps. It is very cheap and available in most countries. Homeopathy does not help with chemical instruments but with physical, simply by waves, constructive and destructive interference. The potencies D12, D30 and C100 gave best results with a lot of ti’s that tested it. Side effects are not known.

We started 2013 a European ti association:

European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH), seated in Sweden. Everybody may become a member.

Listen now to my interview with the most famous ti, Magnus Olsson from Sweden and managing director of EUCACH, about his very liberating experience with homeopathic gold during 2013.

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